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Nicole Kelly Exhibition Catalogue

Nicole Kelly is a Sydney based artist specialising in painting and charcoal illustration. She has received numerous accolades including the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship (2009), the Glebe Youth Art Award (2013) and the Hazelhurst Gallery Local Artist Award (2013). Kelly has been involved in a number of group shows since 2007, holding her first solo show 'Notes from Paris' in 2012. Her latest exhibition is being held at the Moran Sylvania Gallery until April …

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Willoughby Sculpture Prize 2013 Catalogue

Willoughby City Council is very active in the arts sector. They run three public art spaces (Incinerator Art Space, Art Space on The Concourse and Foyer Exhibition Space) as well as two artist studios and are dedicated to integrating art into the councils public spaces. To compliment these commitments, they also put on the biennial Willoughby Sculpture Prize which sees the suburbs of Willoughby and Chatswood littered with beautiful art pieces for three weeks. The aim …

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Middlemarch by George Eliot First Edition Book Spines

We got some great feedback from our last First Edition book spines project a few months ago. We're happy to say that since then we have not put this project on the shelf! In fact, here's the next set – 'Middlemarch', the 8 book series by George Eliot. Next in the works is the 'Rollo' books – a children's series by Jacob Abbott. We'll have these out by Christmas so stay tuned.


Millie Hall Look Book

Millie Hall is a Sydney based creative who specialises in fashion design and illustration. She often combines the two, resulting in some pretty excellent patterns. Millie's style is original, quirky and often surprising. She has a very distinct vibe and isn't afraid to be controversial at times. Millie came to us for a look book to promote her new swimsuit line, Shark Punch. The collection is edgy and original, and was photographed beautifully by Jack Dunbar. …

Wildlife Postcards

Wildlife Hair & Beauty Postcards

Wildlife Hair and Beauty is an award winning salon that values personalised service above all else. While their passion, skills and attention to detail are to thank for their recognition as one of Sydney's most reputable hair salons, visual consistency in a brand is of equal importance. Their unique approach, tied with an authentic commitment to all things hair (and now beauty) runs consistently through all things they serve up including their annual project to …

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Virginia Woolf First Edition Book Spines

Interestingly enough, we are the client for this project, in the sense that this was a project we initiated for ourselves. It’s still a work in progress, and we’re still not entirely sure what the end product is going to be. But we’re ridiculously excited about how it’s going (plus just quietly we’re pretty sure that it will amazing) so we thought absolutely had to give you a little sneak peak at what it could …

PJAma Swing Tags

PJ Ama – Illustration & Swing Tags

Imagine if pyjamas didn’t exist. We think this would be bad for two major reasons. One, the Bananas in Pyjamas would just be the Bananas. The Bananas who were notoriously put away for being very inappropriately unclothed around young children even. We don’t know about you, but we definitely prefer them in pyjamas. We don’t know what’s going on behind those striped flannel extravaganzas, and our love for the show hinges on the fact that …

Enmore Design Centre Branding

Enmore Design Centre – Mine Exhibition

Aren’t talented young people the greatest? Excluding the times when we’re feeling desperately envious of their youth and beauty and opportunities, we think they’re just the greatest. No seriously, they are pretty good. We’re not really so old ourselves, it’s just that we’re most definitely older than 21. That’s probably the average age of the designers showing at this exhibition for which we’ve just produced promotional square cards, a holding box, sleeves, an invitation and …

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King St Gallery – DL Invitation

King Street Gallery on William is a brilliant gallery which we’ve been working with for some time. A little confusingly, King Street Gallery is located on William St, not King St, but this all makes sense when you find out it was originally opened in 1982 on King St Newtown. We can see that being a hard move to have made. They represent some of Australia’s best known artists, such as Elisabeth Cummings, Idris Murphy, …

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Atlas B Salvesen – Smoke Signals EP

We love creative people, so we really enjoyed working with Atlas B Salvensen on the branding package for his debut EP - Smoke Signals. He was born in the midwestern state of Iowa, where his love for folk music originated. He’s travelled a long way to get to where he is today, both in terms of physical distance (Sydney is pretty far away from everywhere), and in emotional experience. All of this is reflected in …

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