If you thought recycling products was the new trend, think again. Jumping on the über cool bandwagon of upcycling is Bondi-based 2xO, a company intent on drawing beauty from the ugly by turning landfill materials into handmade, high quality products.

With creative, stylish and colourful designs that will appeal to everyone, 2xO is dedicated to making messenger, billboard, fire hose and banner bags, with at least 75% of the bags being sourced from landfill bound materials.

2xO upcycling

Intent on drawing beauty from the ugly by turning landfill materials into handmade, high quality products, an upcycled 2xO bag would be at home in any closet

What is upcycling though? Although it’s not a new concept, upcycling is a great way of refashioning a material into something of a higher or similar quality to the original. Compared to recycling, which takes waste and turns it into a reusable or refurbished product, upcycling aims to take recycling to the next level – making products even more desirable than their original state, giving a new purpose to old goods.

So what better way to reuse landfill products to turn them into something better? 2xO has the right idea, and Yokel wants you to realise it.

Australian, sustainable, eco-friendly, sturdy and attractive, 2001 saw 2xO’s emergence into the upcycling scene, and business hasn’t let up. 2xO is determined to help reduce landfill while providing people with practical and unique products that can’t be made anywhere else. What the Yokel team loves about 2xO’s innovative spirit is ingrained in its work philosophy, found on the company’s website:
“It is with this spirit that we will make a difference”.

Upcycling products is a creative way of preserving the charm of an old product and its materials. 2xO recognises this, and so do we!

They sure have made a difference to the way we see bags. Check out the website to learn more about their bags and designs, and be sure to like their Facebook page.

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by Nicole Knuckey

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