Arabian Beverage Company Packaging Concept Pitch

The Arabian Beverage Company (or ABC) is one of the oldest established companies in Kuwait, and is also one of the largest suppliers of juice in the country. Producing juice, mineral water, milk and dairy products, ABC has a strong focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle through healthy beverage choice.

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We were invited to participate in a pitch to redesign ABC’s beverage packaging, redefining their market placement & emphasising their new juice recipe

In conjunction with our partner agency Raad Afyouni (who’s branding and web design we completed in late 2013 and early 2014) we were invited to participate in a concept pitch to redesign ABC’s beverage packaging.

ABC want to alter their market placement as they are currently seen as the more ‘budget’ brand in Kuwait supermarkets. To do this they have increased the amount of fruit concentrate in both their juices and nectars in order to reduce the amount of sugar and stevia used, making them healthier. The packaging re-design is to reflect this change, launching ABC back into the market with a bang.

Packaging design isn’t something that we often have the opportunity to do, but as a studio it’s one of our favourite projects. So when we are offered a juicy project like this one, we put both hands up in the air. We had to think about how we would distinguish flavours, how the designs would look in Arabic as well as English, how to reflect ABC’s new healthier positioning and also how to update their visual offering to place them above the major competitors in their market.

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We presented four concepts (showing three flavours in each), all with a distinctly different feel. For the first concept we created custom vector patterns reflecting each flavour, using a rounded font to increase the friendly feeling, making the product more appealing to families. The second concept uses photography and colour to differentiate between flavours, with vector elements emphasising the fruit contained within.

Concept three presents very stylised vector illustrations of the main ingredient, using a distinctive range of tones, creating a more boutique feeling. The fourth concept uses close up details of fruit and a bright, contrasting colour palette to draw the eye.

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We focused strongly on fruit motifs, both to differentiate flavours and to anchor the idea of the higher fruit content in the new recipe. All four concepts present looks that are very different to the other food and beverage packaging on the shelves in Kuwait, ensuring they will attract lots of attention.

The designs have now been submitted and we couldn’t be happier with what we came up with. Now comes the anxious wait to see if one of our pitches is chosen.

packaging design agency sydney

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