Assemble Papers

Glancing around the Assemble Papers website, you instantly feel better and infinitely more inspired.

An online publication published by Assemble, who are an architecture, design and property development company based in Melbourne.


Online publication Assemble Papers explore small footprint living through art, design & urbanism inspired by their ethical & epicurean life philosophy

The multi-skilled nature of the publishers is very much reflected in the diverse, yet some how connected themes of the publication. That multi-skilledness also reminds us of a certain creative agency that we know *cough, cough.*

Assemble Papers essentially explores small footprint living examined through the realms of art, design, architecture, urbanism, environment and finance. It reflects an ‘ethicurean’ (ethical and epicurean) approach to life, where as a business they stand for optimism. How many other businesses stand for optimism, not many huh? This optimism is spread throughout their site, the underlying philosophy that how we live and what we consume matters.

Run by a sturdy group of talented contributors, from a wide range of backgrounds, each piece on Assemble Papers is flavoured a little differently but unified by their ‘ethicurean’ philosophy.

Make a cuppa and settle down by having a read of the Assemble Papers website that’s brimming with a sea of great content. Their Facebook and Twitter is frequently updated with news on latest published pieces. Assemble Papers Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest are naturally, a great resource for inspiration.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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