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We love creative people, so we really enjoyed working with Atlas B Salvensen on the branding package for his debut EP – Smoke Signals. He was born in the midwestern state of Iowa, where his love for folk music originated.

He’s travelled a long way to get to where he is today, both in terms of physical distance (Sydney is pretty far away from everywhere), and in emotional experience. All of this is reflected in the heartfelt yearning felt in his music.

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We really enjoyed working with creative people on the branding package for his debut EP. Atlas was born in Iowa, where his love for folk music originated.

We created branding that is true to the reflective melancholy of his music and the new EP. The design emerges out of the shadows, and recedes into the darkness. This branding package included the album cover, website and promotional flyers and A3 posters.

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We were particularly excited to be able to create a new typeface inspired by the smoke signals referred to in the album title. We could spend hours on a quiet evening in the country watching smoke unfurl into the sky, just thinking about life and the universe.

With its lowercase, slightly italicized, grey character sets and angular formation, this type allows us to drift into an intriguing, methodical head space.

We also love the website we created for this album (if you’ll allow us to flatter ourselves a little).

We used a background video technique that we haven’t seen around a lot, but when we do see it we think it’s great.

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We’ve seen this one for K.W Doggett that we can’t help but love; as designers we can’t get enough of paper, but as human beings we can’t get enough of dogs! Sometimes they even change the dogs!

We thought this technique was perfect for the shifting, restless feeling to Atlas’ music in order to inject some movement into his branding materials.

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