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Spotted on the Yokel team’s radar this week is Tsuneko Unemoto’s super kawaii shop, Beehive Gallery, a small gallery nestled deep in the heart of Newtown.

If you’re after kitschy knick-knacks, handmade jewellery, bags, home decorations, baby items, stationery and everything else, then we’ve pretty much found the store for you!

Giving up retail rental space to over 100 local and international artists, you can easily find something new as a gift or for a new project, from the handmade pieces on offer. With a wide range of toys, pottery and fashion (the store sells kimonos!) Beehive Gallery even stocks hard to find Japanese and oriental fabrics and paper for artists and craftspeople.

Beehive Gallery Newtown

If you’re after kitschy gifts, handmade jewellery, bags, decorations, baby items, stationery and everything else, then Beehive Gallery is the store for you

Opening in 2006, Unemoto’s shop has been going strong, promoting upcycled and recycled products, such as bags made from kimonos, as well as clothes that have been locally designed. “Amigurumi”, or crocheted toys, pepper some of the shelves in Beehive Gallery, floral hairclips, button earrings, kimono fabric-covered owls, ornate and oriental fans…Beehive Gallery is aesthetically pleasing to all the senses with splashes of colour, and a treasure trove of trinkets waiting to excite your inner child. Inside Unemoto’s Beehive Gallery, you’ll definitely get your daily dose of cuteness!

A dreamland for the young and old, and for (perhaps predominantly) girls, Beehive Gallery sure doesn’t disappoint in the cute department! Cleverly, Unemoto’s use of the store’s name Beehive Gallery applies to the store’s layout, and the way each artists’ space is placed side by side in squares (not in hexagons), to exhibit their unique products. With new and changing stock coming in regularly, you’ll find a fantastic handicraft that will brighten your day.

Unemoto’s quirky range of goods is everything the Yokel team adores – innovative, original, creative and importantly, handmade – spreading and sustaining the love for artists to sell their work to get the much-needed attention they deserve.

Pop in to Beehive Gallery and find a gem or two! If you’d like to get involved and rent out a space, check out the Beehive Gallery website and find Unemoto’s Facebook page to give them a like!

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by Nicole Knuckey

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