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Clocked: Happy Media’s gaming channel, one year on

In March 2020 Happy Media launched Clocked, an official gaming channel to compliment the network’s existing pro audio, news, music, and pop culture output. If You Build It has remained a partner of Clocked from ...
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The King Of Sharp Angles

Casually discussing the weekend antic’s in the design studio this morning,  we found that Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo was thoroughly enjoyed as some easy Sunday night viewing.  Just quietly, the guy behind the (literally) eye-spinning graphics ...
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How to grow your YouTube viewership from existing editorial channels

We’ve written before about Happy Media’s gaming channel, Clocked, on which IYBI has collaborated from a digital strategy and branding standpoint. Today, we’re talking about the channel’s presence on YouTube. Youtube is an essential social ...
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The world of music production software

Music production has come a long way since the days of actual engineers in lab coats playing with tape machines. With a seemingly endless amount of music production software now available, the art has become ...
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On the (Sometimes Accidental) Virality of Video Game Marketing

Since Happy Media launched their official gaming channel, Clocked, in March 2020 (read more about that here), we’ve been closely monitoring the world of video games and how they’re represented on the web. Gaming news ...
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Clocked: a New Gaming Channel for Happy Media

As Happy Media’s go-to digital agency, we’ve been holding their hand as they grew from a local music festival to a multi-channel online music blog, now boasting over two million annual page views. And unlike ...
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Sustainable Business Spotlight: Tigerlily

As we’ve spoken about in previous articles, sustainability for businesses can have a plethora of meanings. This is especially true for fashion brands. The word ‘sustainability’ itself can be quite complex, is this about the ...
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Sustainable Business Spotlight: Stone & Wood

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been focusing on the importance of sustainability for both the profitability and the longevity of a business, as well as shining a spotlight on Australian businesses who are putting ...
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