Bondi Food Collective

You’re busy, we’re busy, everybody’s busy! But Bondi Food Collective provides an answer for busy people who still want to nourish themselves with good, healthy food. The collective is a member run service that provides locally grown fruit, vegetables and dried goods at affordable prices- much more affordable than major supermarkets. And it’s perfect for busy working people. Customers receive an order form by Friday night detailing what’s on offer for the week, you send back your form by Sunday night and it’s ready for pick up on Monday night. After work. Perfect! Only using suppliers that provide organic and chemical-free produce you know you’ll be getting high-quality food. Where possible, very local suppliers are also on hand providing goodies such as honey, jams and balsamic vinegar all made in the Bondi area! You can also join up to become a member and help the collective grow, just like the produce they provide. We love this idea particularly because it’s a community grown venture, run by members for it’s members which there really should be more of around town. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s all very convenient for 9-5er’s!

Bondi Food Collective

Want to get involved in the collective? Head to their website to learn more, order or to become a member. Their Facebook page has loads of updates on latest information and suppliers, as well as local businesses who use their supplies.


by Jaime MacMillan

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