Investing Holistically in your Brand

Understanding your customers and target market as well as your goals as a business forms the basis of our approach to branding. This philosophy has seen IYBI develop a highly evolved process based on equal parts research and market placement followed by our painstaking creative process. The result? Our branding packages start at $3,300, providing a world class product that’s both functional and beautiful.

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In basic terms, company branding is a marketing practice that builds an idea or image about a company by creating a name, sign, symbol which allows customers to easily identify with not just the products or services that’s offered but with the company in general. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. A brand is a feeling.

If you’ve connected with your consumer, they will love you, hunt you down, and choose you despite being more expensive than the competitor because for them, there is no substitute. Advocates of your brand will be your most powerful marketing tool. Essentially your brand is “what people say about you when you’re not in the room” (Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon).

Branding is a marketing practice that builds an idea, image or feeling about a company which allows customers to easily identify that company


A brand must first and foremost recognise the needs and wants of your customers. If it doesn’t speak to and appeal to them, then what is the point? To achieve this, there are a number of aspects to consider.

Visually, your brand is what is going to stick in the minds of your customers and clients. Your logo needs to look good but also created with purpose: to visually communicate what your brand is about. In a world where everyone’s neighbour is a ‘graphic designer’, intent is key. Being able to explain and account for your branding choices will flow through to being accountable for every aspect of your business.

A Value Proposition

There is something fundamentally unique about every business. That value proposition is what turns a visitor into a customer. Our process ensures that every brand that we develop at IYBI elicits that unique emotional response paving the way to turning every visit into a win.

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Why Choose IYBI?

  • We guarantee results. Too many agencies jump straight into the design process missing the point of a strong foundation. Equal parts research and creativity means ensuring a world class result that will resonate with your audience and stand the test of time.
  • We love our clients. We believe in partnerships that go above and beyond the outdated client supplier model. This means commitment and accountability when we work with you so we hope you\’re comfortable with being surprised!
  • We\’re an international Aussie agency. IYBI has worked with clients in the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand and The Middle East. Our broad regional experience brings a unique international perspective to all our work. 90% of our projects continue to originate from Australia.
  • We know your business. We started life in 2001 as a design agency obsessing over web sites and business cards. That obsession turned into an expert passion for all things digital and we have since worked with over 2000 businesses across most industries. Whatever you\’re selling, chances are we\’ve had hands on experience.
  • We’re flexible and we iterate with style. We have a meticulous process and method which we proudly stray from with every project! Not being fixed to any set of processes or technologies ensures a result that is based on your project\’s unique requirements.
  • We hire creative thinkers. An impressive portfolio is one thing, but we\’re more interested in impressive thought processes. It\’s those kind of thinkers that help us create the results our clients rely on. Meet the team

Where to from here?

We\’d love to hear about your business and help you achieve your highest brand potential. Please feel free to call us on Sydney +61 (0) 2 9519 9922 or email [email protected]


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