product packaging sydney

Arabian Beverage Company Packaging Concept Pitch

The Arabian Beverage Company (or ABC) is one of the oldest established companies in Kuwait, and is also one of the largest suppliers of juice in the country. Producing juice, mineral water, milk and dairy ...
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Happy HEAD! Branding

Happy is a new music, art, culture and music news blog and festival and all round awesome initiative. After a hiatus from the live music scene while they focused on their online presence, they are ...
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Lucetta Dine In Menus

Firmly ensconced in The Rocks, Lucetta’s focus on customer service and delicious food ensures that dinner there will always be an enjoyable experience. A constantly changing selection of boutique wines and weekly specials mean that ...
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jacob abbott

The Rollo Books by Jacob Abbott First Edition Book Spines

One of our longest running love projects are the illustrations of classic first edition book spines we started in 2011. Our first set was the highly influential Virginia Woolf, illustrating the spines that her sister ...
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elin andersson

IYBI Website Footer Illustration

2014 has been a busy year for IYBI. We’ve been working on some amazing and challenging projects for our clients, while simultaneously maintaining a strong focus on internal work. We completed our latest infographic on ...
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creative processes infographic

Creative Processes Infographic

Being creative doesn’t always come naturally, even for those whose job is to be creative. Including us. But when your living depends on being creative you don’t have the time to wait for inspiration to ...
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Web Site Pitfalls

Web Site Pitfalls Infographic

IYBI’s latest offering is an infographic about first time web development and web design pit falls designed to help those new to the world of web sites make better decisions Our latest offering is an ...
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