North Arm Illustration

Happy Blog North Arm Illustration

Happy Music Festival is pop-up music festival and new music and music news blog that returns to Sydney this year with the Happy Campfire Sessions. Since the year of it’s inception, the makers of Happy ...
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Sunescape thumbnail

Sunescape – Packaging Design & Renders

Sunescape is a company that produces a range of summer skin care products, specialising in fake tans and tanning products. Their tanning range includes items such as high pressure sprays created specifically to work within ...
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tattoo illustration

Tit For Tat T-Shirt Illustrations

This particular client of ours was interested in starting up a fashion label, with a very specific style and target audience. The brand, which he was calling Tit For Tat, was going to be completely ...
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Infographic for responsive designResponsive Design Thumbnail

Responsive Design Infographic

Make sense of the reasoning and restrictions of responsive design for the web in our latest infographic. Part of the IYBI tool kit There are fads and then there are concrete developments in the way ...
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Graphic deisgn for Pure Botanicals

Pure Botanicals Point Of Sale & Packaging Design

Pure Botanicals is a holistic health care centre in Newtown, offering a diverse range of therapeutic services and products for all your health and lifestyle requirements. They have a few different elements making up the ...
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PJAma Swing Tags

PJ Ama Illustration & Swing Tags

Imagine if pyjamas didn’t exist. We think this would be bad for two major reasons. One, the Bananas in Pyjamas would just be the Bananas. The Bananas who were notoriously put away for being very ...
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