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An alfajor (pronounced “al-fa-hor”) is a traditional South American cookie. It contains ‘dulce de leche‘ (a thick caramel) sandwiched between two shortbread biscuits, and then dipped in chocolate or covered in coconut. While it is relatively unknown in Australia, this delicious treat is wildly popular in the South American countries, particularly Uruguay and Argentina.

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Creators of alfajores (traditional South American cookies), Charrúa came to us for confectionery branding to would position them as a boutique manufacturer

Maria and Arthur are a Uruguayan-Australian brother and sister duo living in Sydney. They have wonderful memories from their childhood enjoying homemade alfajores at family get togethers and with friends on special occasions. Arthur is a chef, and Maria has a finance and marketing background so they are the perfect team. They want others to experience the joy and deliciousness of alfajores, so they started Charrúa.

They approached IYBI for confectionery branding that would position them in the market as a boutique product, and would work for all aspects of their business; wholesale, retail and catering. It needed to be clean and modern, while still referencing the product’s Uruguayan heritage.

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We paid tribute to the Uruguayan origin of Charrúa’s alfajores by using the country’s traditional bird, the Southern Lapwing and combining it with a traditional headdress in the Uruguayan colours. This references both Uruguay and it’s traditional inhabitants, the Charrúa people.

By using a clean vector illustration style, and combining this visual with a bold and geometric typeface we successfully represent tradition while preserving the image of the business as modern and professional.

alfajor brand
The result is a brand which combines all aspects of Charrúa’s business and places them firmly in the boutique sweet market. The bold colour palette ensures that the brand will look striking across all print and digital collateral, setting them up for success. It provides the perfect platform for their alfajores, which are delicious (trust us, we tasted them and have been dreaming about them ever since). Do yourself a favour and track them down!

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