In the past, we’ve covered businesses that have had their start through crowdfunding, but this week we feel compelled to chat about the people who enable the crowdfunding in the first place.

chuffed crowdfunding

Do you have a not-for-profit cause that needs some funds to get it off the ground? Why not try Chuffed, a crowdfunding platform specifically for charity

We’d like to introduce Chuffed, who are Australia’s first non-profit crowdfunders tailored to people and groups who need some fundraising in the charity, not-for-profit and social enterprise sector. After recognising that traditional forms of giving charity are on the decline, Chuffed was started as a way to help those that are wanting to do something good, while at the same time reassuring the people donating that their hard earned dollars are being put to good use.

So as much as those guys and girls at shopping centres with their clipboards in hand are doing good deeds, it’s generally a bit of an awkward, trying-not-to-make-eye-contact situation. So Chuffed alleviates this and turns what is a traditionally awkward situation into a lovely feel-good experience.

Browsing their campaigns you’ll see so many excellent initiatives out there that are in need of some support, helping people both here and overseas. One of the many reasons we think Chuffed is so awesome is their openness and transparency about what they do and where the money goes. Don’t you think more businesses should be transparent?

What time is it? Time to be charitable of course! Head to the Chuffed website to browse and donate to their campaigns. Their Facebook page is updated frequently with news and profiles on some of their current campaigns. The Chuffed Twitter has plenty of news on their too to keep you going.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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