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Family businesses are a strange beast. Some of Australian’s most prominent family owned businesses might make you think against ever going near one.

When we think of the Rinehart situation, we can only be glad that our weekly salary is, give or take a couple of hundred, just about equivalent to what Gina earns in a second. That’s got to take some doing right? But then again, if we could feast upon a single pound of the world’s most expensive cheese each hour and have a little cash left spare (for rent and other mundane stuff, you know), maybe we wouldn’t bother too much for frivolous things like love either.

web design sydney

City Access Scaffolding asked us to build them a website which would help new clients find out a little more about them.

Some families do the job right. One of those families is the Lanyon family who are in charge of the business City Access Scaffolding.

City Access have been operating for over 15 years based out of St Mary’s in Sydney.

web design sydney
City Access Scaffolding offers a complete range of scaffold and accessories for sale, hire and installation. Their system of working offers site inspections, scaffold planning, safety requirements, delivery and installation services.

They’re looking to expand their business out of their local area, where they’ve been known and trusted for many years, and find a diverse range of new clients.

That’s why they came to us and asked us to build them a website which would help new clients find out a little more about them. A design challenge is exactly that and using our simple but effective reverse brief tools, research and guidance we were able to create the perfect solution for the team.

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If you’ve seen a building site, any building, you’ll know how precarious a safety helmet can appear as a form of protection when there is so far to fall.

All that exposed metal and rods poking about all over the place is just something else to worry about. That’s why City Access Scaffolding puts a particular priority on their safety procedures and a lot of pride in their outstanding safety track record. We’re sure everyone involved would be glad to hear about that.

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