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A new property development business based in Sydney, Clear Edge Living places a high value on innovation, integrity, creativity and communication. Their houses are custom designed based on the existing property – each as unique as the people who will live in them.

Breathing new life into properties is what Clear Edge Living is all about. By keeping the elements of a building which work and replacing those that don’t, they are updating not only the building, but also the people who live there and the surrounding neighbourhood.

property development brand

Clear Edge Living came to IYBI for branding which would represent their core values, showing potential customers their intent and excellence

The Clear Edge Living branding needed to represent this and their core values, showing potential customers their intent and excellence. They hold themselves to the highest design and construction standards, and any visual representation of the business had to demonstrate this.

Honesty and transparency are particularly important in the building industry and Clear Edge Living has a firm focus on communication and project management to ensure that their clients have a positive experience. Combine this with a true passion for innovative, out of the box design and a strong construction foundation and you have a stand out company.

property development brand
We took all of the elements of Clear Edge’s philosophy and applied them to the brand. We selected light blue as it conveys trust and professionalism, and balanced this with dark grey to give it authority. The circle represents the regenerative nature of building and development, and combined with the type provides a clear picture of the business.

To help emphasise the Clear Edge Living philosophy, we brainstormed potential taglines for the brand. We think the final result perfectly sums up their position in the industry and communicates a strong sense of confidence.

“Better Living Through Innovative Design”.

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