Cloth Fabric

Cloth Fabric is an independent textile design company that produces lovely hand printed fabrics. The Cloth team is made up of Julie, Martine and Kate three artistic lasses who are apologetically great at what they do. Julie is the owner and instigator of the Cloth enterprise, starting the business in 1995 with a simple idea, to produce contemporary fabric for interiors by hand.

When understanding the Cloth Fabric business, it is important to note that Julie is an artist first and fabric designer second. However, these two activities are intrinsically linked for her as her designs come directly from her art, which is influenced by her surroundings.

Cloth Fabric

Using Australia’s natural landscape as inspiration, Cloth Fabric’s original textiles look and feel like home – and they’re made sustainably too!

The Australian landscape is perhaps her most prevalent muse, with the diversity, strength and fragility of the countryside all acting as sources of influence and inspiration. The result is that the fabric created by Cloth feels and looks like home. With a natural colour palate and textures, its fabric that makes you feel a sense of belonging, like walking into your front door after a long holiday.

What we love about Cloth is that the ethos by which they do business and produce their amazing textiles is still the same as it was in the beginning. Centered around Julie’s original and simple vision of creating hand printed fabrics that are made with thought and care. The result of this ethos is fabrics that are screen printed by local crafts people in small batches, meaning that each piece is created sustainably with a unique story.

Even though Cloth Fabric produces locally, their fabrics are available in a wide array of places. Julie and her team stock fabric shops all over Australia and internationally. If you are looking for a local place to get your hot little crafty hands on some of her fabric goodness the you can head down to her cute little retail space in Surry Hills or head online.

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by Katie Helps

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