Co Yo

Okay, we know that King Street is overrun with frozen yoghurt joints, but they’re nothing like Co Yo, so indulge us just for a moment. Co Yo is a coconut based yoghurt and ice cream alternative and we ADORE it. Made on the Sunshine Coast, it’s dairy and gluten free and extremely good for you. What started out as a family staple has developed into a successful business with a large and loyal following, particularly as we come to understand the health benefits that the coconut can provide. And it just tastes so good. We not only love the product but we love how passion really drives this business. Luckily for us they are stocked in a number of places all over the country so you won’t ever be too far away from some. Let the Co Yo revolution begin we say!

Co Yo

To locate your nearest stockist head to the Co Yo website. You should definitely check out their Facebook page- we really like the open dialogue on there between company and consumer. DEFINITELY look at Co Yo’s Tumblr and Instagram with lots of lovely photos from customers showing how they eat their Co Yo – so many great ideas.


by Jaime MacMillan

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