Content Marketing for the Medical Profession: A Case Study

Publishing valuable content on your website and social media channels is almost standard practice for any modern businesses that wants to keep up in the digital age.

The content you produce can affect everything, from your search engine rankings, to your overall brand image, tone of voice, and perceived authority.

Done correctly, content marketing and social media marketing can elevate your business above the noise. However, done poorly it just ads to the worthless static of information overload that the average online user has trained themselves to ignore.

content marketing for the medical profession

The content you produce can affect everything, from your search engine rankings, to your overall brand image, tone of voice, and perceived authority in your field. It’s essential to get it right.

There are so many different kinds of online content, that choosing the right type of content for your audience can itself be a tricky task. Some content takes a lot more effort to produce than others, so which is likely to give the best ROI for your business? Articles, infographics, images, videos, games, competitions? All of these are potential content types that could be used to grow and engage your audience.

Hand Therapy came to us as a business already in the upper echelons of their field, but they wanted to solidify their position at the top, and leave no doubt that when it comes to hand and upper limb physiotherapy and sports injuries – from wrist pain to broken arms, these are the experts you should turn to.

Lead by Director, Dr Anne Wajon, PhD, the practice employs highly qualified and experienced hand therapists (physiotherapists and occupational therapists) who offer expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with hand and upper limb pain or dysfunction.

They provide specialised hand therapy services in various locations throughout northern Sydney, and work very closely with consultant hand surgeons, general practitioners, rheumatologists, sports physiotherapists and referring doctors. Ultimately, when it comes to matters of the hand, there is no one more qualified to talk to – and their entire digital presence needed to reflect this.

Using thorough market research and building on our extensive digital marketing experience, we developed a thorough digital strategy designed to cement Hand Therapy Group’s place as the number one upper limb physical therapists in Sydney.

What is Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing?

We have a wealth of information on our site regarding digital strategy and content marketing, including other case studies, however for those unfamiliar with the terms, here is a brief rundown:

Basically, a digital strategy is a digital marketing plan. There are hundreds of methods and approaches to digital marketing, and your digital strategy is developing the most effective and efficient mix of tactics for your business.

Do you focus on content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (pay per click) advertising, re-marketing, social media marketing, or a combination of things? Your digital strategy is the solution to this puzzle. Depending on your industry – the most appropriate approach can vary wildly.

Content marketing is the publication and dissemination of valuable online content in order to both grow and build loyalty with your audience. Knowing the most effective type of content to produce for your audience is key.

Social Media Marketing, as the name suggests, is using social media as a marketing tool for your business. This can include using it to promote your content marketing, or using their native advertising features.

A Digital Strategy for Hand Therapy Group

The first stage in forming any digital strategy is to complete a digital audit – examining the market place, competitors, and what strategies are achievable within a given budget. After researching the market, competitors, and potential audience, we began to develop a content strategy which focused around 2 key areas: Social media marketing (original social content), and original informative article publication.

Ultimately what we wanted to show through the content we produced was authority. The best way to show authority is to write about what you know, and then combine this with professional looking visuals – ensuring you are also giving your audience something of value – whether its informative, engaging, funny or useful.

A large part of developing a content strategy, which we’ll just briefly mention here, is keyword research. Using various tools it’s possible to see what industry relevant search terms are being entered into search engines, and how often. For example, aside from the obvious search terms like ‘hand therapy’ – we also found certain condition related keywords to be high volume, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and shoulder pain. Once you have this information you can then work on creating relevant content and building relevant links.

Original Articles

A key element of the Hand Therapy marketing strategy is their original article publication,. This has 2 main benefits: they increase engagement and loyalty with the existing audience and customer base, by providing them with relevant, informative content, whilst the weekly publication of such articles (and the sharing of these articles around the internet) dramatically increases the search engine rankings, providing answers to relevant questions people are asking online, which means Hand Therapy becomes more visible to potential new customers. Regular content publication and the sharing of the content by other websites are key factors that effect your search engine rankings. Google is looking for evidence that your site is an authority on it’s subject matter, and original content and links to this content are one of the best ways of showing this.

As well as great writing, it’s important that the overall look and feel of the articles are consistent and considered – fonts, headings, subheadings and imagery are all very important elements to consider when structuring articles, which is why it helps to have a full service digital agency with foundations in design creating your content marketing.

Below is an example of a piece of content published on the Hand Therapy Website and then shared on Facebook with targeted marketing. The piece reached almost 2000 people, was shared and liked by 43 people. The piece is of genuine value to those who have (or are concerned/interested about) wrist pain, and it also clearly displays the brand authority on the subject matter.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.54.18 pm

The next piece, also with a minimal budget, was seen by almost 1000 people and engaged with over 15 times, including comments and shares. Its important to set a strategy in place with each series of content to determine the goals and KPIs that will be used to measure success. With this series, the goal was to increase Facebook page likes and brand awareness amongst a targeted demographic of people who most commonly require the services of hand therapists (for example certain musical instrument players, and certain sport players) by providing useful, relevant information in an authoritative manner.

Some more examples of informative articles published for Hand Therapy are:

Tennis Elbow Case Study
Wrist Pain Case Study
Broken Arm Case Study
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Case Study
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Case Study
Shoulder Pain Case Study
Trigger Finger Case Study

Original Social Content

Original social content is the creation of content specifically for sharing on social media, often in the form of images, gifs (moving images), and videos. The idea of this type of content is that it is arresting, easily digestible, and shareable. Powerful images and quotes are often very successful in this regard, as they only take a moment to process, and if the message strongly aligns with the values of the user, often they will then share the content. Snappy copy and nuggets of information also make great shareable visual “soundbites”.

Below are some successful examples of 2 common types of original social media content that were used in the Hand Therapy campaign:




Creating a series of content is often a great way to create consistency on social media platforms and affirm the authority and identity of the brand. Creating and publishing different series concurrently will add variety to a social media timeline.


Below is an example of original content shared on Facebook using targeted marketing. With an extremely minimal budget, almost 1000 people were reached with over 45 engagements. Simple, easy to digest, interesting, & visually arresting content is the key to social media marketing. The quality of the visuals reinforces the brands authority, whilst the number of engagements is a great indicator to new visitors that this is a an interesting, authoritative piece of content.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.55.18 pm

Below are more examples of more pieces of content in the same series. Series of content can be particularly useful for building up familiarity with the audience and consistency across all channels.



Personal Engagement

More and more for modern brands personal engagement is becoming a key element of any digital strategy, and it’s something many people may be doing anyway, without even thinking of it as strategy – posting fun pictures of works in progress, preparing products for customers, or in this case, personal stories of inspiring recovery stories or ingenious splinting solutions – sharing these snippets of work life is beginning to seem just a natural part of business these days.

Customers love to see the human side of things, especially with something as personal as putting your physical health in someone else’s care, – having a respectable, authoritative face to associate with a brand is often extremely important in maintaining a particular connection with your audience.

Engaging with to your audience has become a crucial part of running a business and our team has the experience to advise on strategies for undertaking digital engagement. If you share and curate great content, but never respond to the engagement, there’s is a huge missed opportunity for creating connections with your audience and increasing brand loyalty.

This is just a brief overview of creating a digital strategy for the medical profession. It’s the holistic, uniquely tailored approach our digital producers bring that make our strategies so successful. With the right knowledge and expertise, a content marketing strategy can be successful for any business, from a Rubbish Removal Company, property investment strategists, or a boutique Organic Perfume brand, to a natural medicine brand selling products like policosanol. Our team live and love everything digital, so if you’re thinking of getting serious about growing your brand online have a chat with us and we’ll tailor a bespoke digital strategy that works with your brand and for your goals.

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