What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is an approach that involves creating (or curating) and disseminating rich, relevant content in order to attract and maintain a specifically defined audience, and ultimately convert this engagement into profitable results. Content Marketing is the art of communicating with customers without selling – instead of pitching products and services, brands provide information that enriches the audience, e.g. increasing their knowledge or makes them laugh.

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By generating thoughtful, engaging, and practical content, you are on your way toward increasing website traffic.


The simple idea behind all this is that if businesses consistently deliver valuable content to customers, they will be rewarded with custom and loyalty. And the beauty of good content marketing is that it keeps delivering. Rich, relevant content doesn’t stop being good, and so it can continue to drive business long after its birth into the online world. For many of our digital clients, Content Marketing plays a key role in their digital strategy campaign.

But What is Content?

Content is a very broad term and before expending effort into creating a content marketing strategy there are a number of things to consider in order to understand what kind of content would be relevant to your audience. By generating thoughtful, engaging, and practical content, you are on your way toward increasing website traffic.

In the broadest context, content is information published on the internet, usually in the form of text, images or video – however not all content is useful. Quality Content should be engaging, relevant, reliable, interesting, entertaining or enlightening. The best content is even more – it’s an experience.

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What Content Should I Publish?

Our digital strategists will use your website and social media channels to work out any trends, questions, and hot topics that are relative to your company. An example of an approach we take is to use copywriters to create original pieces that incorporate this information and combine visuals that coincide with each piece. We provide you with innovative content that sets you apart from other competitors. We achieve this by dealing with each of our clients as individuals and devising custom solutions.

We’re not tied to any one particular means of strategy and will always recommend that which is most suited to your company and goals. This will often include several combinations of strategies based around your strengths and assets. No two days are the same, and we don’t expect any two clients to be either.

How Do I Get People To See My Content?

With such a wealth of information out there, it’s no longer enough just to create great content. You need to ensure it’s going to be seen by a relevant audience. This is where the next stage of your digital strategy comes in – Social Media.

Once we have valuable content, our team use a variety of tools to research and then disseminate content across relevant social media channels, to a targeted audience. If appropriate, we can also run targeted social media ad campaigns along side the activation of your content in order to maximise your brand exposure.

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Why Choose IYBI?

  • We guarantee results. Too many agencies jump straight into the design process missing the point of a strong foundation. Equal parts research and creativity means ensuring a world class result that will resonate with your audience and stand the test of time.
  • We love our clients. We believe in partnerships that go above and beyond the outdated client supplier model. This means commitment and accountability when we work with you so we hope you\’re comfortable with being surprised!
  • We\’re an international Aussie agency. IYBI has worked with clients in the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand and The Middle East. Our broad regional experience brings a unique international perspective to all our work. 90% of our projects continue to originate from Australia.
  • We know your business. We started life in 2001 as a design agency obsessing over web sites and business cards. That obsession turned into an expert passion for all things digital and we have since worked with over 2000 businesses across most industries. Whatever you\’re selling, chances are we\’ve had hands on experience.
  • We’re flexible and we iterate with style. We have a meticulous process and method which we proudly stray from with every project! Not being fixed to any set of processes or technologies ensures a result that is based on your project\’s unique requirements.
  • We hire creative thinkers. An impressive portfolio is one thing, but we\’re more interested in impressive thought processes. It\’s those kind of thinkers that help us create the results our clients rely on. Meet the team

Where to from here?
We’d love to hear about your business and help you achieve your highest brand potential. Please feel free to call us on +61 (0) 2 9519 9922 or email [email protected]

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