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Copy is King

Once upon a time in the wold of web and UX design, copy writing simply meant a piece of compelling text to paste on your home page. While we still need that unique piece of info on your site, it’s never been more important to stay fresh.

Have you noticed how the most nimble and dynamic of companies have all become publishers recently? It’s exciting because good information is more readily available than every before. It’s also depressing because where does that leave the small business owner with limited resources?

There’s a reason that every CEO in their right mind now fancies themselves an Editor in Chief: authority. Authoritative metrics are the key to customer retention and organic search results in the modern digital age.

Where to from here?

If you’d like to find out how IYBI can help you with copy writing either as part of your digital strategy or for a one off project then please call us on Sydney +61 (0) 2 9519 9922 or email [email protected]

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