Dagmar Rousset

We always love it when we come across a business that combines ideas that you wouldn’t normally put together. Take Melbourne boutique Dagmar Roussett for example. Not only is it a pretty space selling clothes, accessories and nice things, but by night it transforms into a proper French school. By combining these two elements the business owners have created an identity and concept unlike anything else.


An innovative concept business from Melbourne, Dagmar Rousset are a fashion store by day and French class by night

We feel it almost paints a real life and vivid picture of Dagmar Roussett, and it makes us want to get to know her very much. We will even become fluent in French if that’s what it takes.

A business focused on the future and making the world brighter, less so on making money,  Dagmar encourages customers to be braver in their fashion choices. And they are succeeding because many things we have our eyes on, end up selling out quick smart.

With a truly international flavour, the unique and highly desirable clothes and accessories are sourced from everywhere including America, Japan, UK, Germany, France and of course Australia. And when the sun sets you can take yourself off in your new clothes and learn some French, from beginners level to advanced, all classes are taught by highly accomplished teachers.

It’s incredibly evident that this is a business that combines and merges two loves together that creates a business that is undeniably unique. Learning from this example many exciting businesses could be born from a concept like this.

Get yourself on to the Dagmar Rousset website to learn more about lessons, browse stock and of course, shop online. The boutique is reopening in a new location very soon so keep your peepers peeled for news. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are a good source of updates and news regarding all things fashion and French. The Dagmar Instagram has plenty of shots of their stock as well as their really cute pooch.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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