Das Platforms

Some things are not meant for everyone, like obscure poetry nights, turbo charged Holdens, lactose free mocha choc-a-lattes and Das Platforms.

A media project that is based in Australia, Das Platforms publish a quarterly magazine called Das Superpaper. And what a super-paper it is. Centered around presenting it’s readers with interesting and informed conversation based on contemporary art, the publication is passionately free and accessible. However, the team at Das Platforms draw a very clear line between being available for all and intended for all.

Das Platforms

Not intended for all, Das Platforms take an unapologetic approach to their editorial style, refusing to limit their content to appeal to the masses.

Not intended for all, content created by Das Platform is for the freethinkers among us. It is for the engaged ones, the unaffected ones though one suspects they would use the term unaffected lightly. The ones who whole-heartedly use their eyes, ears, hearts and most importantly, their minds to consume and ponder contemporary art.

With a niche distribution, you wont find it at your local newsagent. You will instead find it in the places it belongs; higher learning institutions, contemporary galleries, museums and libraries. Distribution is supported by a free national subscription, so Das Superpaper can be delivered to your very door.

As well as the quarterly magazine, Das Platforms also publish online articles and an ongoing program of online video interviews with artists and curators. Leaving no obstacles between the people and the art of their time.

Taking an unapologetic approach to defining their target readership with both form and content has enabled them to apply this no holds barred approach to their editorial style. Videos are not edited down into ‘consumable’ chunks and articles are as long as the writer believes they need to be.

Because, art is not something that can be rushed, whether that is in the creating or the consuming of it. And it is only fair that the conversation or review of art be given the very same courtesy. As they say at Das Platforms, “Life is too short and there is too much at stake to invest in a world designed for people with a hashtag and only two minutes to spare.”

They are modern and they are classic but most importantly they are the ultimate response to the social media madness we’ll all laugh at one day.


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by Katie Helps

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