Doughbox Diner

For all the 50’s aficionados out there who share our love for pin up fashion, rockabilly music and American themed diners, Doughbox Diner in Newtown is the perfect hangout!

Doughbox Diner

With more than 20 delicious flavour combinations, Doughbox Diner’s Crepe Cones will be floating around your day dreams – no doubt while you’re trying to run!

Owned and Managed by George and Fiona, this hidden gem is known for their signature handheld crepes that we often dream about while struggling with our daily (well, almost daily) gym workout. With more than 20 combinations to choose from, you can have a different flavour every visit!

They steer away from the traditional burgers and fries that you would expect from a diner such as this, and by doing so create a delicious point of difference that we’re always searching for in small businesses. And lucky for us, they’re right in our neighbourhood.

Get your roller-skates on and head to the Doughbox Diner website to check out the menu. Their Facebook and Instagram is updated on the regular with news and plenty of pictures of people tucking in to all sorts of treats.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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