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Empower Education is a tuition and learning centre which helps students achieve their full potential. They cater for kids from kindergarten to Year 12 and have experience getting high results at all levels. All of Empower Education’s teachers have personally excelled in the subjects that they teach, so you know that your children are in good hands.

Each instructor is also considered a mentor, so the students are not just tutored but are equipped with motivation and confidence. This allows them to not only exceed expectations in school performance, but also set them up for success in later life.

tutoring centre responsive design

Empower Education asked us to complete the web design and development for their new website which needed to project their fresh and professional image

We were approached to re-design and develop their existing website with the view of attracting potential clients by highlighting the quality of Empower’s offering. The high qualifications of the instructors needed to be front and centre, as did the strength of their programs which have been perfected through experience. They also wanted to provide an easy-to-use resource platform for existing students to further supplement their learning.

The new site needed to be visual and engaging, guiding the user seamlessly to the information they need without hassle. It also needed to be a true reflection of their company, projecting the young, fresh and professional image which is one of the things that helps Empower Education stand out from the crowd.

We provided them with a web design which fulfils all of these requirements. Large imagery makes the site visually interesting, with full width sections breaking up the content and making the information digestible.

education website icon design

By having images of the centre and it’s teachers at the start of each page we ensure continuity while at the same time making the site friendly and approachable. Studies have shown that having photos of people on your website can dramatically improve your conversion rates – people feel like that they know you, and are more likely to feel comfortable with and trust you.

Custom icons on the homepage are an engaging way to represent Empower’s three main client groups, helping users find the information they need as soon as they land on the site. To further aid usability, tabs and tables are used to great affect on the internal pages, helping to display a large amount of information in a way that doesn’t overwhelm.

Bold, attractive and most importantly engaging, the Empower Education website is everything they wanted and more.

education centre web design

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