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EnsoPet is the latest offering from Bokashi Composting Australia, the people behind the Bokashi One composting system. Owned and run solely in Australia, their singular focus is Bokashi products, making them experts in the field of pet waste composting.

Their friendly service, willingness to share their knowledge and go the extra mile make Bokashi’s staff a pleasure to deal with. They came to us to discuss design and naming solutions for a new composting system for pet waste.

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The EnsoPet naming and branding solution needed to demonstrate how future products would fit into the Bokashi family

With a few new products in the works, they wanted a branding solution for this system which would also demonstrate how additional products would potentially fit underneath the Bokashi umbrella. They also needed help naming this latest pet focused product.

The goal of the project was to have a name which would define the product and a brand which would clearly identify what it’s for and that it’s part of the Bokashi family.

naming branding sydney
The word ‘Bokashi’ is a Japanese word that literally means ‘to break down’, or degrade. We felt there were also strong ties between the product itself and Japanese culture. There was also the ‘closed loop’ factor to consider – what we take from nature nourishes us, and in turn we nourish nature. The names we presented represented all of these things. The chosen result was EnsoPet. ‘Enso’ means ‘Circle’ in Japanese, referring to enlightenment or zen (rather than a shape). It suggests a peaceful and happy home which is sustainable in itself – the goal of all Bokashi products.

We explored the subjects of  flora, fauna, balance, home, unity, growth and nourishment in the branding. The final brand draws the circle motif from the name while highlighting the pet focus of the product and clearly belonging to the Bokashi brand family.

branding naming sydney
Carrying over Bokashi’s colours of black, green and yellow as well as the rounded rectangle shape creates a strong visual association with the parent brand. The graphic is a combination of a paw print and the traditional recycle symbol, communicating very clearly that the product is associated with both pets and regeneration.

The final EnsoPet brand is strong, descriptive and in line with the Bokashi suite.

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