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Excelzia‘s motto is ‘Learning Through Experience’ with good reason. They encourage high school students from South East Asian countries to come to Australia and participate in a variety of programs specifically designed to improve confidence, communication, public speaking and much more. Essentially, things that you can only learn by actively participating.

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Encouraging South East Asian students to come to Australia & develop skills through experience, Excelzia’s education website is both professional & youthful

Working with an exclusive set of schools in South East Asia, Excelzia’s programs are offered as an extension of the school’s extra-curricular activities. The Excelzia team are responsible for all transport, accommodation and supervision while the students are in Australia, while the actual courses are run through globally recognised educational institutions.

The purpose of Excelzia’s website is to showcase the programs offered and to be a reference point for parents considering enrolling their children. It needed to be informative, easy to navigate and most importantly, appealing to potential students and their parents.

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Excelzia came to us with an established brand, wanting the website to be an extension of this. We had to make it professional while still being fun and approachable, ensuring that the design was appealing to both target demographics – high school students and their parents.

By integrating carefully curated stock photography with more child-like graphic elements (like the custom chalk drawn icons and chalkboard background texture) we have struck a visual balance which is clearly about students but for adults. The dark colour scheme reinforces this idea, adding a touch of seriousness which is offset by the bright blue feature colour.

The site needed professional imagery to bring it to life, enabling users to imagine themselves or their children participating in the activities and courses offered. Specifically sourced stock imagery is a great way to do this. Hiring a professional photographer to shoot so many different scenes and people is prohibitive, especially for a start up. By having an intent in mind and sourcing based on this, you can create the emotional connection and vibe for a project without the hefty price tag.

Excelzia’s site really has a youthful, energetic feeling about it. It encourages the user to take a leap and do something outside of their comfort zone by reassuring you that you’ll be safe. It’s exactly the right tone which will inspire a student to fly to another country and have an amazing new experience. Which is what Excelzia’s about afterall.

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