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To outsiders it might seem like some kind of bizarre cult, not too distant from the habits of Dan Browns self-flagellating monk. But to insiders, it is something that they can’t go without, something they will indulge in even whilst on vacation to a tropical island, and amongst themselves they know they’re better than the rest of us. We’ve all spotted at least one, maybe because you travel a long way for work, or maybe it was one night out that didn’t quite finish until night’s end. We’re talking about those strange creatures that emerge before daylight and seem to be constantly and annoyingly more chipper than the rest of us. Early morning joggers.

Sports branding

If you are one of these rare specimens you will absolutely know why you do it. If you make exercise a regular part of your routine (albeit at more rational hours of the day) like we do, you’ll likewise know that it’s about the feeling. The feeling that you get from exercise is something that can’t be matched by most earthly things. Is there anything else in the world that feels so invigoratingly wholesome? Which gives you an immediate boost and makes you feel like you can tackle anything? Anything that gives you so much pleasure but doesn’t come served with a tiny sliver of guilt? It’s that feeling that makes exercise so integral to the wellbeing of our lives.

We all experience this when we exercise, so it’s interesting to wonder whether we can feel it more or less depending on how we choose to exercise. Does exercising in the outdoors give you bigger lift than working out at the gym? Would you feel more awesome after a session done in your Nikes over one you did in your trainers from Target? Logic would say that unless one pair of shoes was of lesser quality, than shouldn’t your experience be the same? Of course branding experts, and particularly those who work for Nike, would say different. They would argue that the important thing, all things being otherwise equal, is your perception of the experience.

Brands work hard to place themselves as the one that will give you the best result, but sometimes when it comes to sporting equipment, the actual scientific variations in quality are imperceptible. So what then, is really the best outcome possible? What are they really saying that they’ll do for you with the carefully thought out names and beautiful graphics? We tend to agree with our hypothetical Nike branding experts. What makes you feel like you’re working the hardest, striving the furthest and achieving the most? It all boils down to capturing that feeling.

Image Source: James Chororos

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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