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Fiona Edmeades is a successful artist based on the sandy shores Bondi.  Having lived in Australia as well as overseas, her practice was formed whilst learning the craft of traditional upholstery at the London College of Furniture, from this opening her own re-upholstery business.  It was within this time she formed an appreciation for the value and history that everyday objects presented.  “I am interested in everyday objects, full of allure and the manner in which they exist alongside us as they populate our lives. The chair is a multifaceted object, full of allure and mystery.”  Edmeades work is influenced by objects, with her most recent concepts investigating the chair as an item of material and symbolic meaning.  Her furniture installations and artwork are ‘informed through both process and material to act as a enquiry into the human experience,’ taking ordinary, banal objects and making them extraordinary.  And what extraordinary pieces of goodness they are.  We want to bundle up all her cool installations and hang them within our studio (not that it would make for a very productive space, but would look positively glorious).  Fiona came to us wanting a business card that would illustrate her concepts and act as a tool to promote her art and its presence within the world.  We designed this card to reflect her practice, utilizing methods of overlapping type to convey details and incorporate the vintage undertones and precise detail that makes up her chairs, the primary subjects of her work.  We love Edmeades creations and are big believers in celebrating the humble essentials in our everyday that are seemingly overlooked.  In reality, without chairs our everyday certainly wouldn’t be as enjoyable, just the thought of such a thing could potentially drive people crazy.  These cards celebrate Edmeades practice and illustrate the cool possibilities and hype that business cards can create for your company.  Want in on all this hype? Come and visit us in the studio!

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