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A lot of you will know what it’s like when ‘it’ happens. All your friends start having kids.

And you, like us, find you have no idea what to buy your first six-month-old nephew for Christmas, let alone baby showers, baptisms and the myriad of other things that hit your back pocket as a result of entering the stage of adulthood where ‘up all night’ has a new meaning.

Needless to say we were really excited when we saw this site, as aside from one up-market place in Surry Hills, we had no idea where to baby shop. We were determined not to make the same mistake as last time and buy a useless over priced gift that would be covered in dust by the time said baby was old enough to use it. Flying Penguin, however, has the answer – a toy finder built into their super user friendly site!

Let’s face it, toy shops are always going to be fun, but Flying Penguin have a focus on ecological, educational and ridiculously cute toys (with the option to search by age range too!). All their ranges are made locally or directly support impoverished countries.

Flying Penguin
The Newtown ethos permeates their business. For example, they have “Asian doll families” as well as other inclusive, multi-cultural and engaging toys. Educational toys for all development stages are well stocked!

Flying Penguin has a really tough job in trying to find toys made with genuine environmental consideration, but as they say “very few need batteries” which is an added bonus for the gift giver. Probably the best thing about Flying Penguin, however, is that it’s a small family run business.

They personally monitor and answer questions on their facebook page, and they post some cool, humourous and slightly subversive things, worth a follow, and easy to shoot them a question for a prompt reply!

In general, we at Yokel are excited about zany and out of the box thinking, but this calm and simple approach from a small family business offers an example of putting what you’re passionate about into a cool commercial start up. Like it’s namesake implies, is easy and carefree, and like a Penguin Angel in our case. We think this is our new favourite shop.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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