From the people who bought you Finders Keepers comes an exciting new platform of local artisans. Follow is almost an extension of Finders Keepers, stocking all manner of lovely things from Australian (and a couple of select international) brands.

Supporting a number of local artisans as well as up and coming designers and artists, and with an emphasis on original creations your purchases are wholly unique. With the selection ranging from gift wear to cushions and home decor to dresses, babies clothes and books, it’s the one-stop-shop for fabulous local goods for your home and your friends’.


An exciting new platform for local artisans, Follow Store stocks all manner of lovely things from Australian (and a couple of select international) brands

The brands represented are often making things by hand with a unique and original view and technique. They list all these on their site of you want more specific information, and it’s great to see single person crafts -men and -women getting this kind of support and platform. They have a modern yet soft feel to their aesthetic and design lines, and depending on the label are able to customise and have unique pieces crafted- so give them a shout if you need something you can’t find!

In 2013 these talented ladies also launched a small jewellery and clothing label under the Follow name – as if they weren’t busy enough with Finders Keepers and the store!

Self described as a curated shop of “things we love” you can’t really beat them. These guys have a great taste, honed by previous ventures and first hand experience. It’s so great to see that a grass-roots from-the-people-for-the-people supportive environment is becoming successful, and it mirrors what we always say it does- the rise and ever wider importance of community. That’s why we love writing about these businesses and start ups each week!

These guys know their markets, their design lines, colour theory and their social media. So follow these guys, but not because of their popular products or sweet sales; but because of their genuine authenticity.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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