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It’s no secret that here at the IYBI studio, we love coffee. Some might say we’re maybe a little obsessed even, so of course our ears pricked up when we heard about Frank Coffee Scrub.

frank body

Packed with minerals, antioxidants and coffee, Frank Body coffee scrub helps to keep skin soft and supple – and smelling like a delicious espresso!

So just so we’re all clear, you can use coffee to scrub your body and probably drink a coffee at the same time? We think it’s a genius idea, although realise you couldn’t achieve both tasks from the same packet. The scrub is packed with minerals and antioxidants and plenty of coffee that helps to reduce the appearance of various unsightly skin conditions and keeps the skin soft and supple – and smelling like a delicious espresso!

Personified as a very helpful man called Frank, we like how this is a business who has built up a loyal following not just on the strength of their product but also through their solid brand identity that promotes, health, youthfulness and cleanliness. It’s a little bit risqué at times, but why not when your product is so good and has people talking as much as Sid the sloth.

The product range is growing but currently consists of their original scrub and their coconut and grapeseed version. With each pack and it’s contents resembling ground coffee, you truly can have coffee in every room of your home (we know you want that as much as we do).

Want to get introduced to Frank? Head to his website to read more about him and of course to stock up on some scrub. Their Facebook page is flooded with pictures of Frank’s ‘babes’, both real customers and inspirational ones. Their Twitter has plenty of happy customer testimonials while their Instagram and Pinterest is awash with scrubbing inspiration and A LOT of photos of girls.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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