Growing Food Project

Anyone who’s reads these articles regularly will know that we adore local, organically made produce that has a real community feel about it. So a film celebrating and promoting that gets a big tick in our book.

Growing Food Project

The Melbourne local food movement responding pro-actively to issues challenging our system has been explored in a film titled The Growing Food Movement

The Growing Food Project is a documentary that explores the Melbourne local food movement that’s responding pro-actively to issues challenging our food system. The intent of the film hopes that it will not only shine a light on these issues but hopes to inspire audiences to reconnect with nature, their neighbours and of course with food.

Created by artist/nutritionist/naturopath/food activist/researcher/community gardener Rasha Tayeh, the film is a reaction to Patrick Jones’ poem ‘Step by Step.’ Post-production of the film was crowdfunded through Pozible to great success which means everyone can access this documentary. At IYBI we think that this is another great example of how crowdfunding can help make businesses or initiatives a reality where they might not be possible otherwise.

Head to the Growing Food Project website to learn more about it and to catch a glimpse of the film as well as check out upcoming screenings. The Facebook page is updated frequently with film information and community-growing inspiration.

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