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The Hand Therapy Group consists of three of Sydney’s premier hand therapy clinics – Macquarie Hand Therapy, Pacific Hand Therapy and Mater Hand Therapy. With qualifications in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, they are the people to see if you have injured your hand or arm. All of the therapists provide specialised and expert services, consulting with other professionals to get you the best treatment possible.

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Bringing a new level of professionalism to their public face, the Hand Therapy web design is strong, approachable and highly functional with a focus on user experience

Director Dr Anne Wajon approached us to redesign the group’s website, with the goal of making it easier to navigate. The key focus of the site was to be the services available, as most people don’t know what a hand therapist does until they need one.

One of the big functionality requirements for the site was the patient login. This allows individual patients to login to a private section of the website and access home programs and exercises that are custom designed for their needs. This streamlines the whole at-home process, eliminating the risk of a patient forgetting the exercise specifics between appointments as they can login and be reminded step-by-step.

medical website

Hand Therapy wanted to move away from the sterile, medical feel adopted by most physiotherapy websites. They wanted a newer, fresher feeling that clients can relate to and makes them feel relaxed and comfortable with the whole experience.

Utilising the brand’s existing colours in a bold way immediately brings a warm and friendly tone to the site. Combining this with clear navigation and clever information architecture creates a highly accessible site with a great user experience.

physiotherapy website

The key conversion for the website is contact – a potential client making an enquiry or booking an appointment. To encourage this, we have placed eye-catching calls-to-action throughout, as well as using a sticky header to ensure that booking an appointment is possible from anywhere in the site and as simple as clicking a button.

The Hand Therapy web design is strong, approachable and highly functional. It brings a new level of professionalism to their public face, particularly the client login which really increases client experience and satisfaction.

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