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Happy music festival is a pop up music festival which arrived in Sydney in 2010 in response to another local venue closure. We all know how much of a bummer it is when that happens.

Aussies love live music and we know it’s hard enough to get international bands to lose a day of their lives to come over here and play for us, let alone have our local bands unable to play for us because there’s nowhere for them to do it. A bunch of music lovers decided that it was time to get together and put on this festival to bring together some great local bands and some great even more local supporting acts.

happy festival web design

The Happy Campfire Sessions is Happy’s 2012 reincarnation. Bringing live music to you in person, and this year, they’re bringing it to you online too.

The Happy Campfire Sessions is Happy’s 2012 reincarnation. They’re bringing live music to you in person, and this year, they’re bringing it to you online too. This means more exposure for the bands and more music for you.

This year the sessions themselves will be super intimate and a little bit secretive. But we think if you’re well enough acquainted with dear Miss Marple, you’ll figure out how to get yourself in there. And you’ll end up with a gorgeous woollen scarf at the adventure’s end!

Happy Music Festival Campfire Sessions
And if you don’t get yourself in, because you’ve been watching CSI instead, you can catch all the latest news online. Because really, where would they be without those crazy x-ray ultra violet blood spot zoomerinnerers? We think it’s safe to assume you don’t have one of those.

That is where the Happy Music Festival website comes in! It will be the place to be for all the news and all the videos of the festival gigs. IYBI is designing and developing the entire event for them. As part of that we created this website. We think it’s pretty cool.

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We feel like the vibe is sitting around the campfire, with a few beers and great music, only that the campfire is happening in the trendy inner city, and you have guaranteed access to a toilet.

We’re pretty certain this website will be bookmarked on your device of choice over the winter. Huddling under the covers on a cold night with a bowl of porridge, when you’re feeling too fat for your favourite skinny jeans, and just watching some live music on your laptop. That is the life.

Happy also have an excellent gig guide which you should definitely check out.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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