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Little Hare Books, based in Sydney, are a publishing company passionate about creating high-quality children’s books.  Their books, written and designed by notable authors and illustrators from around the world, seek to ignite a child’s imagination and create a positive learning experience.  Their narratives are ‘accessible, the concepts are fun and the illustrations are outstanding’.  We think this sounds like a pretty good combination right?  One of their most prominent authors, Bronwyn Bancroft is a renowned artist and children’s illustrator that has achieved an extensive collection of publications to her name, some we still treasure in our adulthood (no shame).  We are constantly intrigued by Bancroft’s methods, she utilizes forms and intricate detailing influenced by traditional Aboriginal art and rendered in her signature cocktail of bright, eye-catching color and medium.  We were over the moon when the crew at Little Hare asked us to be involved in designing Bancroft’s latest offering, ‘An Australian 1,2,3 of Animals’ with the concept for the book, an introduction to the idea of numbers and Australian wildlife.  As Bancroft’s style of imagery is so distinct, we designed the layout and type to fit the and compliment, so it reads well and looks ever so nice.  We collated the pages and perfect bound all elements together, adding a gloss cello to the cover as the finishing touch to a beautiful piece.  This wonderful looking book depicts Australian animals in an imaginative way that appeals to children (us) and the world over for generations to come.  ‘An Australian 1,2,3 of Animals’ is a perfect representation of Bronwyn Bancroft’s mad skills as an artist and the Little Hare Books company as a whole.  Enjoy book?  Us too.  Print is not dead if we have anything to do about it.  Stop by our studio, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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