How to grow your YouTube viewership from existing editorial channels

We’ve written before about Happy Media’s gaming channel, Clocked, on which IYBI has collaborated from a digital strategy and branding standpoint. Today, we’re talking about the channel’s presence on YouTube.

Youtube is an essential social pillar for gaming news, gameplay videos, and other longform video content in the scene. Growing the Clocked channel on Youtube (via Happy Mag) has been a huge priority, and developing the channel from a standpoint of Clocked’s best performing editorial content has proven effective.

What this means is that when deciding upon the games Clocked was to cover with video content, it was imperative to locate the articles that receive the strongest weekly hits on the channel. By embedding YouTube videos in these articles, and placing backlinks, each video would be given a leg-up over the competition (of which there is plenty in the world of gaming).

Guide content

Articles and videos such as Returnal: How to Beat the First Boss, Phrike, Outriders: Beating the First Boss, Gauss, or How to Find the Ager’s Scepter Atlas SkewsHow to Beat the Wood Knight have seen extremely high conversions from web traffic to video hits, with up to one in three users playing these videos from the articles containing them.

Players are constantly searching up strategies to beat in-game bosses such as Phrike, Gauss, or the ultra-difficult Ophion, so priming them with both an explainer article and illustrative gameplay makes perfect sense.
Gaming aside, people rely on YouTube guides for everyday life. You’d be surprised at how many people search for videos on how to tie a tie on a daily basis.

Why It Mattered

One of Happy Media’s longest running and most popular editorial series is Why It Mattered, which are deep dives into some of the most significant albums in music history. Almost 100 Why It Mattered articles have been written to date, and many of them are receiving constant traffic. 

Essentially, it was the perfect base from which to start a video series. The content was there, as was the research, as was the results. 

Happy Media have since been adapting Why It Mattered into a video series of the same name, inviting artists and other creative professionals to bolster the content with their own insight. Below you can find what’s been published so far: 

…and the rest

You can’t always rely on receiving exclusive content – as Clocked did with their best-performing video depicting pre-release DOOM Eternal gameplay – you must investigate your existing networks and examine how you can leverage them. Like posting a video of a Dolly Parton interview for a following of music lovers.

In preparation for the launch of Clocked’s video The Best Bit of Bloodborne, research was conducted and content was created around the topic at hand – FromSoftware’s award-winning video game Bloodborne. With multiple high-ranking articles on file, including Bloodborne 2 will never happen and here’s exactly why and Bloodborne PC: how to play it now, and is an official port even coming?, success of the video was not guaranteed, but far more likely.

Similarly when publishing footage of Supergiant Games’ Hades on the PS5 console, embeds and backlinks in articles such as Clocked’s Hades weapon guide or list of PS4 games with PS5 upgrades, the video will climb in views consistently.

For the latest gameplay from Clocked, be sure to check out how to kill the cop in Twelve Minutes or how to beat the Wood Knight in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. 

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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