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So by now it is very much apparent that we are all survivors of the Mayan apocalypse.  Hooray for us!  And for those of you that are doomsday preppers, apologies.  At least you got to experience all that is Costco.  You may retreat from your bunkers once more and while you’re there bring snacks, surely you purchased enough in bulk to provide grain waves to the entire state of NSW.  If we can survive something so utterly horrific like the supposed end of the world, then it is pretty safe to say that we can and will survive the impending year ahead.

As we have mentioned before, most of us have made several (very unrealistic) pledges to our future selves: to call our mothers every week, go cold turkey on the sugar, drink less wine and perhaps try to listen more carefully, swiftly waving a big sayonara to our former, over-sarcastic selves for a shiny new 2013 model with inbuilt features including a re-energized outlook on life.  But false promises aside, let’s inject a bit of realness into the turn of the year and give it a bit of a shape.  We don’t just want to go the gym more (or ever), we’re talking about the things we are aiming for this year.  We haven’t even figured them all out yet.  But we do know this.  As a graphic design agency, our hearts are set on always delivering great work that we believe in, building on the high energy and enthusiasm for design that exists already and will continually try to better ourselves, evolving and experimenting with our creativity.  So go on- whatever your plans or lack thereof, look the day straight in the eyes and repeat ‘2013 -lets do this thing’.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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