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With the vast majority of our clients being start ups who are still working through defining their brand when they engage us, we’re no strangers to the all important pivoting in order to get results. As you have no doubt noticed while reading this, IYBI have launched our second website for 2014. When we re-branded the studio in January, the launch included a very cool full width site, for which we commissioned and developed the studio illustration which went on to become an integral part of our brand.

While we loved our shiny new face, after living with it for a couple of months we decided that it didn’t quite fit. We needed something friendlier and more welcoming. One of the core reasons our clients choose us is because of our personal and approachable way of doing business . They know that we will always answer our phone, respond to their emails and best of all, always share fresh ideas and content on the fly via our site.

iybi web site

The latest iteration of the IYBI website focuses on welcoming, relatable and friendly UX designed to encourage the conversation with new visitors

This very important element of our studio vibe needed to be pushed to the forefront, so we went about the business of re-designing our site. One of the occupational hazards (and joys) of being a designer is that you never stop re-designing your own identity. We had also noticed that the site’s conversion rate wasn’t as high which we attributed to the change in design. Employing our UX skills, the new site is much more user-friendly, encouraging visitors to either call or email us at every turn.

desktop web design iybi

By warming up the colour palette and utilising the rounded form of our much-loved Gotham the whole site takes on a much more welcoming feeling. We also dispensed with the full width format which can come across as elitist and corporate, opting instead for boxed content and a sidebar.

Interspersing the content with different characters from our studio illustration brings a quirky element to the design and helps us emphasise particular features. In addition, we’ve invested some time in creating visual representations of our services.

mobile responsive web design iybi

Like a lot of digital things, some of our services can be difficult to understand. Digital Strategy for instance, is something that most people outside of the industry have heard very little about. If you’re anything like us, images are an important learning tool so now each of our services has it’s own custom visualisation, which we are currently working on animating.

The new site is engaging, relatable and user-friendly. We are really practicing what we preach with this project, and are absolutely loving the results.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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