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Kester Black. Kester. Black. Don’t you think the name Kester Black sounds like someone you went to school with, or grew up in the same neighbourhood as? Maybe it’s just us. But whoever KB is they have all grown up and now create some very beautiful jewellery and nail polish.

kester black

Creator of beautiful jewellery and nail polish, Kester Black makes all her products vegan and cruelty free so you can enjoy without guilt

Founder Anna Ross created the brand after frustratingly realising there was a severe lack of cruelty free and carbon neutral options in the nail polish market, so busily went about making her own product that would satisfy this need and give people who want to make moral purchasing decisions the ability to coat their nails in nice colours too.

The entire KB range is Australian made, using sustainable production methods. They are all carcinogen and cruelty free and are also vegan so everyone is able to use them. The colour range is beautiful, satisfying every nail art dream possible.

Adding another string to her bow, Ross also creates lust-worthy jewellery. Each piece is unique and bound to be a real talking-point every time you wear it, especially paired with one of KB’s nail polishes. As massive fans of anything sustainable and morally conscious here at IYBI we’re thinking of putting in an order for one of everything.

Head to the Kester Black website to view the entire range and we challenge you not to put at least five different polishes into your basket. The KB Facebook and Twitter has plenty of updates on colours, links to blog posts and press. As you can imagine their Instagram and Pinterest is filled with lots of beautiful photos of people with nice manicures that we’re slightly jealous of.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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