King St Gallery DL Invitation

King Street Gallery on William is a brilliant gallery which we’ve been working with for some time.

A little confusingly, King Street Gallery is located on William St, not King St, but this all makes sense when you find out it was originally opened in 1982 on King St Newtown.

Invitation Design

We designed these invitations for the upcoming show of Australian sculptor, Shona Wilson.

We can see that being a hard move to have made. They represent some of Australia’s best known artists, such as Elisabeth Cummings, Idris Murphy, Jenny Sages and Wendy Sharpe, but they also look after lesser known artists moving up the ranks.

We made these invitations for Shona Wilson’s upcoming show Plastiscenic. We’ve discussed on this blog before how much of a pleasure it is to work with the amazing images these artists produce and this one was definitely no exception.

Shona Wilson is a contemporary Australian sculptor, and she used both found material and ceramics to create her works.

Her CV charmingly lists her 1987 credit for set design and construction for her graduating student production of Brecht’s Threepenny Opera.

Shona Wilson
Since then she’s definitely accrued a list of worthy acquisitions, including one for Artbank, another for the Art Omi collection held in Hudson, New York, and quite a few for the Macquarie Bank private collection. She’s also exhibited at various NSW galleries, including that well known and loved Sydney art event Sculpture by the Sea.

We have to agree that her work is definitely worth putting on show.

We love these delicate, seemingly living objects held down in glass enclosures. Others look like the elegantly held together skeletons of ancient arthropods. If you look through a history of her work you can really see her evolving skill and dexterity while she deeply explores her subject matter.

Invitation Design
This invite was offset printed on thick Papyrus Vellum using a silver foil for the heading text. The simple font in the beautiful foil offsets the gorgeous background image of one of Wilson’s sculptural works.

Shona Wilson Plastiscenic DL Invitation
Four colour process + matte varnish on 360gsm Papyrus Vellum
Silver foiling one side
1500 printed

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