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There’s nothing like getting home after a long day at work and crawling into bed. Or what about having a long lazy morning under the covers on a weekend morning. Or afternoon, if it’s been that kind of weekend.


Reversible bed covers in colourful prints and energetic patterns, Kip & Co inspire an alternative approach to bland and boring bed linen

Let’s face it, bed is pretty awesome but don’t you reckon it would be even more awesome if your bed was covered in bright, colourful, clashing prints and hues? We think so.

It’s true a lot of people like a clean and crisp approach to their bed linen but life’s too short, so make it bright and uncoordinated. Kip & Co are a lifestyle brand that delivers on all these vibrant fronts and are inspired by the everyday and out of the way. However their products are anything but everyday.

Reversible covers in fun prints and colours are their hallmark, prompting customers to mix and match to make their goods their very own to suit their tastes and lifestyles. Started in 2012 by three friends, Alex, Kate and Hayley, Kip & Co continues to expand into other lifestyle products so you can bring the fun to your whole life.

And as you may know, we’re great fans of any business that takes everyday items and turns them into some very, very desirable.

Think your bedroom needs an upgrade? Get yourself onto the Kip & Co website to view their current range, and importantly, get shopping! Their Facebook is updated frequently with news and pictures of what’s going on in their pretty fabulous world. Their Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest is flavoured with bedroom inspiration, you’ll wish you could redecorate every other week!

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by Jaime MacMillan

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