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Once I reveal to you what Ladurée do, you will not have the time to read the rest of this post. You will be out the door, wallet in hand, and straight into Westfield, Pitt St Mall, Sydney. Soon after, you will be lighter of wallet, fuller of belly and happier of heart. Why? you ask. Because you will have a tummy full of delicious French macarons (yes, vastly different to the humble macaroon), pastries, chocolates and other delightful gourmandises.

Hup, and there you go! When you get back, full of Laduree’s treats, you can give this post the full attention it deserves. Ladurée’s Sydney store opened up recently to much fanfare and queues of desperate sugar craving Sydneysiders. Supermarket chocolate bars were not going to satisfy them any longer, they could only get their fix with the finest quality sweet treats. Ladurée has been a part of Parisian life since 1862. Yes, that’s right, we can speak a little french here, and we’re pretty sure that’s what ‘Maison foundée en 1862’ means.

Ladurée’s signature product is the macaron. Every morning their in-house chefs, pirouette across the sky in pointy toed shoes, float on a cloud bed into the Ladurée kitchens, are dressed in their aprons and hats by tiny singing hummingbirds, and get to the joyful and delicate art that is the creation of the macaron. If that sounds fanciful, my only advice to you is to go eat a macaron. Each new season, Ladurée honours their signature item by creating a delectable new flavour of macaron.

Ladurée has been around for so long that they’ve built up a gorgeous set of brand elements which perfectly reflect their image and the product they create. Our job was to translate these elements into a gorgeous business card which could help give Sydneysiders the elegant Ladurée experience which customers have been experiencing all around the world.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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