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A big part of what we’ve found ourselves doing lately both for ourselves and our clients in addition to their logo development and other design needs is online visibility campaigns or SEO. It has been a buzz acronym for ages and while this is not an article explaining what SEO is, (for those who don’t know please Google the term) we do plan on getting stuck into our take on it at some point soon. For now however we’ve like to discuss some funny but serious flaws that were revealed in the system we have been employing in our visibility campaigns for ourselves. Think of a service you might need like a designer, or a plumber or hairdresser. When you’re the consumer it’s both natural and instinctive to just jump on the internet and search. When you run that business and you’re thinking about online marketing and need to choose key terms to focus on, for some reason your brain warps slightly and just for a moment you use the wrong point of view. If this isn’t corrected it can be an expensive mistake.  For example graphic designers is a far better term to focus on from a consumer’s point of view than just graphic design. Yet graphic design has become a far more competitive term because people continue to make that error. Plumber is a far more appropriate term to use than plumbing and so on. Even keyword search tools won’t help reveal the truth on this matter but you have to put your self in the position of the consumer. It’s a tricky topic and we’re sure not everyone will agree with us but after a little bit of research we’re certain that we are on to something. More and more searches each month are done by competitors and web masters and SEO guys as opposed to consumers. This twists and warps the results no end. Furthermore, a term like graphic design which is extremely competitive, shows 110,000 monthly searches in Australia alone and we believe a great big chunk of which are students and prospective employees. With dozens of colleges combining thousands of students researching both projects and employment,  you can imagine! So it’s not just web masters and SEO dudes messing up the stats. The point? More creative and intuitive key terms is the future to successful SEO.


by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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