Malc & Andi

“We believe in thinking. We believe in questioning. We believe in trying to make a difference. We believe in considering the implications of our decisions.”


With a fashionable range of vegan fashion and accessories, and 5% of all profits going to animal charities, how could you say no to some Malc & Andi?

These lines form the philosophy for ethical fashion brand Malc & Andi, who produce on-trend, vegan clothing and accessories – proving that ethical clothing doesn’t have to be daggy. Malc & Andi offer consumers the option to buy clothing that has good outcomes and by good outcomes, we mean that 5% of every sale is donated to animal charities like Animals Australia and Dog Care Clinic E.V.

As both fashion and animal lovers, Malc & Andi are a business after our very own hearts and we genuinely think it’s great to see businesses who are inspired into action so they can make a difference. We also like that they are supporting a disadvantaged group that are unable to speak up for themselves.

Selling watches, bags, socks and footwear in bright colours and appealing patterns it’s good to see Malc & Andi offering good alternatives for people who up until now maybe never considered wearing ethical clothing or still saw it in an unfashionable light.

Keen to show your support for Malc & Andi and the animals they help? Get on to their website to see the full range of items and read more about their philosophy. Their Facebook page has got loads of animal related pictures (they really do love animals!) Malc & Andi are also on Twitter which is a good way to keep up to date with all their news. Alternatively you could check out their Pinterest which has lots of inspiration, which inspires them but could also inspire you.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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