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We loved working with the Manly Art Gallery and Museum on these promotional postcards, because we think the gallery is a great initiative by the Manly council to preserve and keep a record of their local community’s history and culture. You can see the how much they work to highlight the impact of local community on the greater Sydney art scene just by taking a quick squiz at the invite’s inside spread below. The Manly art gallery focuses on Australian and northern beaches ceramics and is well respected for its work in that area. The museum holds thousands of photos of Manly beach life in its collection, including a hilarious section devoted to people sporting old timey bathers. If you visit in person, you’ll be able to enjoy quite a few giggles at the expense of your venerable elders.

This DL flyer is for Jennifer Marshall, a local painter and printmaker who creates ridiculously beautiful work. Although you can see a little bit of her work on her website, we strongly encourage you to go and check out the show in person, because we’re sure the experience will be just so much better. Beachcomber is a fitting name for an exhibition held in Manly, one of Sydney’s most popular beach suburbs. This exhibition presents a survey of her of Marshall’s sea pictures from 1981 to 2011. Remember these are THE BEST works from a period stretching across thirty years of her life! It’s bound to be good.

There’s something about the way Jennifer Marshall uses colour and contrast that makes her painting’s just luminescent. The work Stranded is particularly accurate in the way it represents the way that the ocean can sometimes be beautiful, with glowing shapes dancing across pockets of darkness, so vast and expanding into the horizon. From Cape Hauy is another beautiful one, that reminds us of that feeling you get staring down into the ocean from above. There’s so much life going on down there, some fish are peacefully sleeping while others battle to survive, but it’s all kind of hidden away from you. These paintings make you feel like we’re lucky to even catch a glimpse.

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