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Michael Suttor Architects, founded by renowned Australian architect Michael Suttor, is a mighty fine Sydney based architectural firm that design edgy, modern homes that utilize balance and harmony, creating iconic living spaces within the Australian environment.  Suttor and his team hit the mark time and time again, the unique concepts and coordination of materials find them embarking on unique paths through creative manipulation and construction to realize fancy new forms that fit nicely within the built environment.  We may or may not find ourselves occasionally dreaming of what it would be like to set up shop in one of their many awesome abodes. The firm wanted some stationary that reflected the accuracy and timelessness of their branding, a letterhead that they could proudly distribute and be remembered for. Thrilled to take up the task, we designed something that assisted their already distinctive logo design, to communicate their passion for innovation and attention to detail. We chose to embellish the logo, using embossing on the initials and elements to emphasize precision and the extra little touches that illustrate why Michael Suttor’s creations are just so darn noteworthy.  The result; a classy design that not only depicts the perfection that Michael Suttor Architects offer, but the possibilities of what a well-designed letterhead or collateral can communicate about a business (very good things). Thinking of taking the plunge into the exciting world of stationery? Why not drop us a line.

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