Microphone Illustrations – A Creative Content Strategy for a Recording Studio

Some of the most creative projects we have the pleasure of working on come from our partners in the creative industries.  We’ve been lucky enough to work on some really interesting projects, including the design of a music magazine  and the website for a recording studio. Most recently we had the opportunity to create some beautiful digital illustrations of microphones as part of the content strategy for Enmore Audio.

neumann u47

The goal was to create engaging content that was particularly appropriate to the target audience, whilst also being visually arresting enough as standalone creative works.

As most businesses are beginning to realise, when it comes to growing and maintaining your digital audience, content is king, and the guys at Enmore Audio were keen to create some content that would really stand out from the crowd.

After a couple of meetings and numerous caffeinated beverages, we locked in the concept for the next content series: EA would get five of their favourite producers to pick their top five microphones of all time, and publish the interviews with accompanying digital illustrations.

The goal was to create engaging content that was particularly appropriate to the target audience (musicians and audiophiles), whilst also being visually arresting enough as standalone creative works that would appeal to a wider audience.

visual content

We went for a clean, crisp geometric style that aimed to celebrate the form of the microphone, with typographic elements alluding to the technical specification labels found on audio equipment.

The warm, alluring colour palette unifies the pieces in the series and reflects the fondness felt by the producers for these objects.

The cheeky mountainous backdrop references the high esteem in which these humble pieces of equipment are held by professionals in the recording industry.

As well as showing a true passion for the industry, content such as this also helps solidify a brand’s position as an authority in the space. When content great and it is shared in the right places, industry influencers can’t help but share it. This content series has give EA a huge boost in exposure and still drives traffic to the website everyday.

To see more of the illustrations, take a look at the first three published articles in the series:

Michael Stavrou’s favourite mics of all time

Tony Buchen’s favourite mics of all time

Owen Penglis’ favourite mics of all time

Nathan Sheehy’s favourite mics of all time

Andre Eremin’s favourite mics of all time

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by Radi Safi

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