Mu Meson Archives

Mu Meson Archives is not something you come across everyday. And if it is, then you must lead an interesting life! Bringing the weird and unusual to audiences in a variety of locations, we love that this business is not afraid to be different. And different it most certainly is. Centered around the Mu Meson Archives HQ in Annandale, it’s run by Jay Katz and his wife Miss Death (not their real names). Together they curate a wild collection of evenings centered around cult cinema, confronting documentaries, themed evenings, craft nights and even a weekly trivia night: Texas Chainsaw Trivia. They embody the true essence of underground. Here at IYBI we think they’re fascinating because they have such a limited online presence they themselves are a cult business! So if you want an evening that beats being sat in front of the TV you know where to head.

Mu Meson Archives

Mu Meson is incredibly illusive on social media (I suspect that’s how they like it) but they do have a website which lists all events for the month ahead so you can plan what you want to do and see.


by Jaime MacMillan

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