With services ranging from interior design, architecture and even event hospitality, Mulbury is a retro hot spot. They have firmly established themselves across this niche aesthetic, and now boast a workshop & showroom in Victoria with a store in the thriving locality of Fitzroy.

They are known for their skill customising wood and timber surfaces and transforming them (along with some found elements) into beautiful new pieces. The metal pieces used are wholly vintage and recycled and Mulbury use their existing design to inform new work. The team believes that recycling materials is one of the purest ways to help maintain our planet and are dedicated to sustainability.


With an environmentally conscious mindset and flawless taste, Mulbury is in the business of custom recycled furniture, and damn are they good at it

Their relentless good taste and local support base have seen them expand their primary offering – if you give their Instagram a squiz you’ll see what we mean. They have a timeless and classic look which appeals to a wide range of people while still being unique and niche in their offering. They have beautiful art, retro and vintage posters and a wide range of frames. These frames are their speciality, (they even do custom framing) and they are made from post consumer and recycled timber. Finished perfectly, it’s no surprise they’re so popular on social media with such gorgeous goods to show off.

Mulbury evolved from the humble market rounds, and their dedication has paid off. They’re also dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing their products with a minimal footprint on the earth acknowledging that people globally have begun a huge demand for recycled products “so much so that people now consider the environment when making lifestyle choices. We are super excited about this”. We’re super excited about them! Such an attitude is the central pillar of their story, and explains their ability to make your home/office/space unique.

To see this story for yourself, they have an integrated, not-over-the-top website and Twitter, a clean pallet for their beautiful products. They’re open for bars and small businesses to get involved with looking good, and have extensively useful art and gift categories, and “anyone is welcome to drop by for a gander”.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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