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Bokashi Composting Australia are pioneers in the composting industry, focusing on the bokashi method of composting (as their name would suggest). They are very well known for their Bokashi One composting systems, which are designed for the kitchen and comprise of a bucket and microbe mix. Their latest product is the EnsoPet, a pet waste composting system which is both environmentally friendly and economical.

We have been involved from the ground up on this project, naming and branding the new product as well as designing packaging and custom illustrations to compliment the ongoing digital strategy work we are undertaking.

print design

IYBI named and branded EnsoPet as well as designing packaging and custom illustrations to compliment the ongoing digital strategy work we are undertaking


Bokashi Composting Australia approached us for help naming their innovative new pet waste composting system. It was important that the name created associations not only with the Bokashi parent brand and existing product (the Bokashi One), but also the ancient Japanese composting method it’s based on. Composting in essence is about completing a cycle – turning organic waste into nutrient rich fertiliser, which in turn aids the growth of food, which we eat and then use the scraps to create more fertiliser.

To create the desired layers of meaning, we utilised the Japanese word ‘Enso’, which literally translates to mean ‘mutual circle’ or ‘circle of togetherness’. By combining ‘Enso’ with ‘Pet’, the consumer immediately knows the intention of the product.

‘Enso’ also refers to a happy, self-sustaining and peaceful home, which Bokashi aims to encourage and achieve with all of their products.

A great brand name will spark interest, identify your product, differentiate you from your competitors and engage your customers emotionally. EnsoPet does all of these things, but to make things even clearer, we also suggested the tagline ‘Pet Waste Composting’.


With a couple of new products in the works, Bokashi wanted a branding solution for EnsoPet which (while uniquely EnsoPet) would display how these additional products would fit under the parent brand’s umbrella. We decided to explore a unique symbol for EnsoPet, and then draw visual associations to the existing brand using font and colour.

brand evolution

We explored a number of concepts incorporating flora, fauna, home, unity, balance, growth and nourishment. The chosen symbol combines three different elements – the circle, the recycle symbol, and a paw print. You want the intent of the product to be clear to a consumer immediately, and at a glance it’s obvious that this product is an eco-friendly animal product. Mission accomplished.

By utilising the common elements from the Bokashi Composting Australia and Bokashi One logos, we make it clear that the three brands belong together. The rounded rectangle and green, yellow and black colour palette are strong identifiers, and combined with the new EnsoPet symbol are a perfect representation of both the product and brand family.


Packaging is a vital element of any product, as it is the thing that grabs a potential consumers attention when sitting on a shelf, creates trust and familiarity with the brand, and ultimately helps to convert a potential consumer into a valued customer. It’s an extension of your branding, and a real chance to show what your brand and product is all about.

packaging design

In this case, we wanted to showcase the eco-friendly nature of Bokashi and the innovation of EnsoPet right off the bat. It was important to Bokashi that the product be friendly and approachable – the last thing they wanted was for potential consumers to be intimidated and place pet waste composting in the ‘too hard basket’. As this is a brand new product, we wanted to make it very clear what to expect in terms of effort, return and appearance.

We tackled this problem by developing illustrated vector elements which would help not only to break up the information and manage expectations, but also to engage consumers on an emotional level. We gave EnsoPet a face of the furry kind, coming up with a clean, bold graphic of a dog’s face. He immediately gives off a friendly, happy vibe and invites attention.

We continued this visual style through a cross-section illustration of how the EnsoPet will look when in use. It’s important that the unit is buried properly, so we wanted to give a visual demonstration for people to refer to.

By using elements adapted from the logo and illustrations in combination with a brown background, we created an engaging, earthy and relaxed design which is accessible and inviting to consumers.

Promotional Assets

The next step for EnsoPet was to create a series of promotional assets designed to introduce the product to both potential stockists and consumers. To do this we appropriated and added to the visual elements that were created for the packaging. The EnsoPet dog was given a body, and the product illustration was extended and expanded to suit our needs.

brochure design

The assets developed included a 4pp A5 instruction booklet, a 6pp DL brochure and an A3 poster.

Digital Strategy

Once EnsoPet had a strong visual presence, Bokashi wanted to make sure that it was getting the attention it deserved digitally. Turning our focus to their digital strategy, we first had to learn how their website was performing on it’s own. To do this we completed a digital audit; a complex process involving a multitude of in-house and third party tools which help us determine the things that are being done right and identifying any aspects that can be improved on.

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of digital strategy is determining what you want to rank for. You want the people who land on your site to find content relevant to what they searched for, meaning they stick around and don’t bounce (click away immediately). A big part of that is determining who your target audience is and what they will be interested in.

While Bokashi was ranking right up there for all things composting, we wanted to attract a new group of consumers who might not necessarily have been looking for a composter, but will be pleasantly surprised by what they find.

website stats

Obviously EnsoPet’s target market is pet owners, and we needed to find a way to get in front of these people who are in all probability not actively looking for a composting unit. One way to do this is through tactical content.

Content marketing is one of the most powerful SEO tools you can use, as it allows you to strongly tailor the information on your site, meaning that you can attract a wide range of visitors. The articles created for Bokashi are focused around health, family, the environment, dogs, dog owners and the home. This covers a broad spectrum of people, all of which would be interested in Bokashi’s products.

custom illustration

People with dogs form a pretty strong community grown through seeing their neighbours on walks every morning, as well as running into them at agility training and puppy school. We decided to focus on puppy schools initially, and came up with the brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) idea of gifting EnsoPet starter kits to prominent figures in this community.

We chose trainers who have active social media presences and gifted them with a starter pack. These lovely people try out the product, and post about their experience to their social media following. The idea is to create awareness throughout their circles of influence, and hopefully garner a recommendation to all the new puppy owners who take their classes.

One example is Amy of Amy’s Puppy Preschool in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She not only shared a photo of the kit before she used it, she also wrote a little about the product, and reported back with her product experience after a week or two. You can’t buy that kind of positive exposure.

facebook marketing

Another area that we are trying to crack for Bokashi is the gift market. Gift giving can be a difficult undertaking, and our research revealed that it’s very common for searches to consist of phrases like ‘great gifts for pet owners‘ or ‘best present for dog lover‘. People who are searching these things are not necessarily looking for a composting unit, but will think it’s a great idea when they find the EnsoPet.

As a result of our efforts, the Bokashi site is now receiving almost 5,000 unique sessions a month, with a CTR (click through rate) from searches of 6.38% which is pretty impressive! Their Facebook page is also experiencing a much higher engagement rate as a result of the fresh and relevant content that we are producing.

Content Marketing Illustrations

Part of our ongoing digital strategy work for Bokashi is content marketing. This keeps the content on the site fresh and relevant, and attracts traffic. Composting is one of those things that everybody knows about, but not many people actually know the science behind. Bokashi’s founder Maree is an expert in all things compost, and this is a great opportunity for her to share her knowledge with her consumers.

Every piece of content needs images to help illustrate the points that you’re making and also to engage the reader. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to expand the EnsoPet brand by utilising the illustrative elements that we created for the packaging and assets and adding to them to help tell the story.

By creating custom vector illustrations for each piece, we ensure that the central point of the article is being visually represented and that each piece is uniquely Bokashi. This is highly beneficial as there is nothing more valuable that exclusive content. It increases your brand awareness and engagement, in turn increasing conversation and sales.

vector illustration

The Result

We are very proud of the work that we have done for EnsoPet. It is an amazingly innovative, environmentally friendly product that we have greatly enjoyed working on. We have created a word class name and brand which both perfectly represents the product and is in line with the parent brand and existing products. We established a packaging and asset style designed to attract attention on shelves. We executed a successful brand extension and roll out in the form of an illustrative style across numerous pieces of collateral.

All of the elements of the EnsoPet brand are in sync, forming a strong and unique market presence. We hope to continue our work with the Bokashi team for a long time to come. I think you’ll agree that the alliance produces some excellent results.

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